Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ergodic literature (not to be confused with erotic literature)

(Ch 11 update today. Small, but there it is).
Today's writing thang:
Ergotic literature (this blog technically falls under the category of Ergotic literature, especially since your comments can have effects on the editing and plot)

Ergodic literature is literature that requires special effort to comprehend or read, perhaps due to a "non linear" structure. The term is derived from the Greek words ergon, meaning "work" and hodos, meaning "path". Ergodic literature demands an active role of the reader, such that they become "users" who may need to perform complex semiotic operations to construct the reading.

For example, ergodic literature may require following a very unconventional page layout in order to understand a novel, or in the case of ebooks, readers may need to constantly use hyperlinks to follow the narrative, or use menus to continue reading in a new location. By comparison, conventional "nonergodic" literature simply requires the reader to turn pages and follow the text in sequential order...
(continues at a wikiarticle)


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