Saturday, September 10, 2005

About the experiment

This is a novel, written a little bit at a time. The idea is that if a few pages or paragraphs are written each day, then I can concentrate my creative energy into making immaculate passages. I got idea the long ago when I read that the woman who wrote The God of Small Things wrote that book at a rate of approximately one or two well-planned sentences a day. I won't be that slow and exacting. I already have the outline completed, but writing sometimes throws the author suprises, so not even I am sure how the plot will turn out.
Also, since this novel will be online for the time being, I'm letting my collective audience of the blogosphere give imput, critiques, and error corrections (believe me, there will be a lot of errors in spelling, vocabulary, and a plethora of lacunae).
So in short, the "experiment" is to write a novel as perfectly as I can with community interaction and observation. We live in exciting times, where even something as simple as writing can be viewed from a new perspective.
You will no doubt notice that any chapter I'm currently working on (and sometimes old chapters too) will change. This is because I constantly spot things I want to change, correct, or clairify (or the readers will no doubt request such changes and I may oblige). The novel experiment is alive. Alive! Ha ha ha! [/mad scientist laughter].

Whilst writing chapters, I plan to make blog entries here as well about the writing process (both on this novel and in general), and things I've noticed in my research for the novel.


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